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are :

5-String Bass, Lead Vocal and 'eating microphones & jumping about a lot'
Ian uses a Musicman Stingray 5 Bass guitar with RotoSound Swing-Bass medium-light (35-55-70-90-120) strings.
Ian's bass-rig is a 700 watt Peavey Firebass 700 head, with a 1200 watt
Peavey 412TXF (4 x 12 with horn) cabinet.
Ian uses a Shure 'Beta' SM58A Microphone (the others don't taste so nice).
The PA is a German 1 kW DynaCord Powermate 1000 stereo powered-mixer (must be a joke in there somewhere about "vays off mekink you tok").
The speakers are super-efficient Danish, Jamo Professional Audio PA 5001's.
Foldback is by powered Italian dbOpera monitor speakers.

Ian Seale has also been seen masquerading as Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill in 'Stargate SG-1'. 

Ian, (who is he kidding by using the name of Richard Dean Anderson?) plays the part of Colonel Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill is commanding officer of team SG-1 (OK, so far).  When he joined the Air Force at 18 years of age, O'Neill proved himself to be an exceptional and gifted (gets better) airman and was later assigned to a special forces unit.   He resigned from service when his son Charlie died by accidentally shooting himself with O'Neill's gun (oh, crap!) .  O'Neill never recovered from the loss, which drove his wife to eventually leave him (I don't want to play anymore) .  O'Neill was recalled by his former commanding officer to go through the Stargate precisely because of his willingness to die (I definitely don't want to play anymore) .  Instead, the mission gave him a new desire to live (oh, great!)

Chris Kelly
Guitar & Backing Vocals
Chris uses a selection of guitars and will alternate between Strat, Tele, Melody Maker and Les Paul
Chris's rig is a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe combo with a Marshall cabinet.  Effects are POD, Digitech and a Line6 sound processor.

Kevin Clark

Drums, Assaulted Percussion, and 'audience reaction analyst' 
- erect nipples, that sort of thing
Kev uses a Yamaha 9000 'recording custom' kit with Zildjian cymbals, on a Gibraltar rack.
When we need to mic-up the kit, Kev uses AKG and Shure percussion microphones through a Behringer Eurorack 20 channel 

KEVIN CLARK is also a fictional character in 'Roy of the Rovers'.
Kevin Clark  was first featured in the story 'Kevin's Chance' which started on 30th August 1986.  Kevin had joined third division Selbridge United under the Youth Training scheme and was portrayed as a harmless young tearaway (a bit out of character).  He had initially had a weakness in his left foot (hi-hat, yeah understandable), but managed to overcome it (really?).  In February 1987, Kevin signed for Melchester Rovers as a 17 year old (little economical with the truth) right winger, but was also well adept at playing in midfield or in the forward line.  Kevin became known as "The Poacher" (due to the shotgun he always carried around with him) and became a regular goalscorer and was part of the group of players who were given the "Melchester Minors" tag due to (their desire for young flesh) the influx of youth team players following the Basran disaster.  Kevin stayed with Melchester Rovers but left with a number of other players following the bribery (remarkably realistic) scandal in 1995/1996 season. 
Unfortunately Kevin besides being a tricky forward got up to too many tricks away from football (they might know him) and served time at Her Majesty's Pleasure for fraud (God, they do know him).  His current whereabouts are unknown (and that's the way he likes it).
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